sMALL sPACES Lover #28

Um apartamento encantador com 50m² em Kiev, na Ucrânia.
A 538ft² charming apartment in Kiev, Ukraine.

Gorgeous and colorful modular sofa by Roche Bobois sits at the heart of the home theatre guest room Unraveling a Secret: Small Apartment in Kiev Amazes with Cleverly Concealed Rooms

Textured wall with custom 3d Panels in blue and snazzy Konstantin Grcic orange chairs shape the eclectic apartment

Exquisite design of the small Kiev apartment makes most of the limited space on offer

Genuine black marble adds an air of luxury to the tiny bathroom

Pendant lights and bar stools add geometric style to the small apartment

Sliding glass doors conceal the small bedroom, living area, coat rack, library and bathroom

Lovely 3D wall panels breathe life into the tiny bedroom

Ultra-tine bedroom design with textured walls and bold color

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Fotografia por / Photo by: Andrey Avdeenko

sMALL sPACES Lover #27

Um estúdio, na Califórnia, com 51m2.
A 550 square feet studio in California.


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Fotografia por / Photo by: Andrea Posadas

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Um apartamento que resulta de um quarto de século de trabalho na decoração.

An apartment that results from a quarter-century decoration work.

BRIGHT IDEAS | The wall in Lopez’s studio is painted in homage to Brazilian landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx. A George Nakashima bed keeps company with a 1947 Arne Norell chair and a Carlo Mollino lamp.

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Fotografia por / Photo by: Matthieu Salvaing

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sMALL sPACES Lover #25

Um contentor com 33m2 transformado numa casa moderna.

A 355 ft2 container transformed into a modern home.

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