sMALL sPACES Lover #67

Um apartamento com 22m² em Sydney, na Austrália, 
projetado para alojamento de curta duração.

A 236ft² apartment in Sydney, Australia, 
designed as short-stay boutique accommodation.

Simple round matte black hooks match the step ladder that hangs behind the front door in this small apartment.

The main room in this small apartment is home to both the living area and the sleeping area. A custom designed platform includes an entertainment unit and open shelving at the end of the bed.

In this small apartment, and off to the side of the couch is a vertical cabinet that houses a fold-out ironing board.

Under this modern bed platform, there are multiple pull-out drawers for housing additional bedding and pillows.

In this modern bed platform, there's hidden storage in the steps, perfect for a small suitcase.

As this modern apartment has original Art Deco touches, some walls were left white and untouched, while others are made from a lime-washed plywood that adds a touch of warmth to the space.

Beside each side of the bed in this small apartment, are floating black cabinets and curved mirrors, a throw-back to the art-deco era.

This modern bathroom features a timber slat floor and ceiling to introduces texture and tactility, while the white tiles and large mirror help to brighten the space.

White tiles and wood elements feature in this modern bathroom, and a pull-down blind provides privacy without blocking out too much light from the window.

Stepping inside this tiny apartment, you walk straight into a small kitchen. The matte black cabinets stand out, and a mirrored backsplash helps to make the space appear larger.

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Fotografia por / Photo by: Chris Warnes